Selective Nerve Root Block

Selective Nerve Root Block services offered in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Stockbridge, Newnan, GA

A selective nerve root block is a diagnostic procedure that helps determine the cause of back, neck, arm, or leg pain. At Pain Consultants of Atlanta, the team of pain management specialists uses selective nerve root blocks to hone in on the source of your pain so they can design a personalized recovery solution. There are four offices located in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Stockbridge and Newnan, Georgia, so call the one in your area or book an appointment online today. 

What is a selective nerve root block?

A selective nerve root block is an injection of anesthetic and steroid medications. This injection goes around specific nerve roots, where they leave your spine. The anesthetic medication deadens sensation in the nerve root, and the steroid reduces inflammation.

When might I need a selective nerve root block?

The nerve roots are very close to the spinal column, so they often grow inflamed, compressed, or pinched in people who have conditions like spinal stenosis, herniated disc, or facet joint syndrome. This leads to back or neck pain, often with radiating arm or leg pain. 

Pain Consultants of Atlanta uses selective nerve root blocks for diagnostic purposes only. In many cases, the team may suspect a specific nerve root as the source of your pain, so the selective nerve root block procedure confirms it and allows them to craft a treatment plan for you. 

What happens during a selective nerve root block?

For a selective nerve root block, you’ll lie on your stomach. The Pain Consultants of Atlanta team uses X-ray guidance (fluoroscopy) to pinpoint the nerve root to inject. 

After targeting the nerve root, the team injects medication directly into the nerve root area, a process that takes only a few minutes. In some cases, the team may inject medication at two or more levels of the spine. 

The procedure yields two types of diagnostic information. First, as the needle nears an affected nerve, you’ll likely feel the usual shooting pain. That helps detect the source of your pain. 

Additionally, the injection numbs the specific nerve root suspected as the cause of your pain, which means you’ll experience pain relief right away if the procedure is effective. 

What happens following a selective nerve root block?

The Pain Consultants of Atlanta team wants to understand how your pain impacts your life before recommending a treatment plan. The team takes the time to ask about how pain has affected your daily activities, work, mental health, and other aspects of your life because they want to create a treatment plan that’s perfect for you. 

Some of the treatment options, like injections and minimally invasive procedures like radiofrequency ablation, can provide long-lasting pain relief. And, in most cases, you can take a minimally invasive route instead of surgery. 

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