Spinal Cord Stimulator

Spinal Cord Stimulator services offered in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Stockbridge, Newnan, GA

A spinal cord stimulator takes on pain in a unique way: by masking pain signals and changing how your brain perceives pain. At Pain Consultants of Atlanta, with offices located in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Stockbridge and Newnan, Georgia, there are four conveniently-located offices throughout Greater Atlanta. To learn more about spinal cord stimulators, set up your consultation online or call the nearest office today. 

What is a spinal cord stimulator? 

A spinal cord stimulator is a pain management technique that uses a small implanted device, about the size of a vanilla wafer, to intercept and modify pain signals from within your spine. 

Instead of eliminating the source of your pain, a spinal cord stimulator alters the way your brain interprets pain signals. Depending on the type and brand of spinal cord stimulator used, feelings of pain are replaced with either a mild tingling sensation or no sensation at all.

What conditions can a spinal cord stimulator treat? 

Spinal cord stimulators can treat several forms of chronic pain, including: 

  • Back pain, with or without radiating leg pain
  • Pain and other symptoms of diabetic neuropathy
  • Back pain following laminectomy 
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) Type I
  • CRPS Type II

Spinal cord stimulators may also treat other conditions, like chronic chest pain (angina) or pain due to poor blood flow in conditions like peripheral vascular disease (PVD). 

Will a spinal cord stimulator work for me?

If physical therapy, medication, and other minimally invasive procedures like steroid injections haven’t worked for your chronic pain, you could be a good candidate for a spinal cord stimulator. But, the only way to make sure it’s the right therapy method for you is a test run known as a spinal cord stimulator trial. 

During the trial, the Pain Consultants of Atlanta team places a lead into the epidural space between the tough protective tissue over the spinal cord (dura mater) and the vertebral wall. 

The rest of the lead stays outside your body and connects to an external pulse generator, which is attached to your skin using a strong adhesive. You’ll wear the spinal cord stimulator for three to seven days. 

The trial period is long enough to determine whether a spinal cord stimulator is right for you. In general, spinal cord stimulator trials are considered successful if you have a 50% reduction in pain. 

So, after a successful spinal cord stimulator trial, you can schedule a procedure for permanent device implantation. With a permanent spinal cord stimulator, the leads and pulse generator both go under your skin. 

You control the spinal cord stimulator with a handheld device. The team programs your spinal cord stimulator for you and teaches you how to control it. 

Ready to find out how a spinal cord stimulator can reduce your pain? Call The Pain Consultants of Atlanta or book an appointment online today.